VAHS Summer Student Position

Dear Veterinary Students

Veterinary Agri-Health Services Ltd. in Airdrie, Alberta is interested in employing a student (preferably entering 2nd year of veterinary medicine) under the Veterinary Work Experience Program (VWEP). This is a program offered as a joint initiative between Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development and veterinary practices to give students work experience during the summer break.

Veterinary Agri-Health Services Ltd. is a health management oriented veterinary practice, providing high quality professional services to feedlot and cow/calf operations across western Canada.  These services focus on three areas: (1) animal health and production related management strategies and problem solving, (2) animal well being and product quality, and (3) producer education and information transfer.  Our services include vaccination, treatment and parasite control programs, nutritional advice, computerized record systems and health monitoring, regular consultation and reproductive health visits, as well as individual animal diagnosis and treatment.

We have a dedicated team of individuals who bring a wealth of experience to beef veterinary practice and strive to deliver excellent customer service.  The team consists of Dr. Michael Jelinski, Dr. Craig Dorin, Dr. Nathan Erickson, Dr. Cody Creelman and our faculty member from the University of Calgary – Dr. Karin Orsel, along with our excellent support staff.

Beef cattle practice is very seasonal, however our student can be expected to be exposed to a variety of tasks including post-mortems, minor bovine surgeries, pre-breeding palpations, and semen testing. That said, the primary role of our summer student will include content creation for our website (articles, videos, webshop), management of our proprietary VAHS app for veterinarians, social media content management, assisting in the implementation of a software program to clients, and assistance with weekend callouts.

Students interested in this opportunity should have a strong desire in learning more about food animal production, and have a basic understanding of the beef cattle industry. Successful candidates will also need strong writing and communication skills, be technologically savvy, and physically able to assist in post-mortem examinations on cattle (training provided). A valid driver’s license, personal vehicle, and a flexible schedule is also a must.

Students interested in this opportunity are encouraged to contact Dr. Cody Creelman by March 31, 2013. Once a student is selected, they will be notified, additional paperwork for the VWEP program will be filled out later in the year.


Contact information:

Cody Creelman, BSc, DVM,

Veterinary Agri-Health Services Ltd.

Phone: 403 984 2253 Fax: 403 948 0520