Top 5 Agriculture Advocacy Videos: Farm Out Loud Jul04


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Top 5 Agriculture Advocacy Videos: Farm Out Loud

Ever since before my admittance into veterinary school, I have read the Ethical Question of the Month column in The Canadian Veterinary Journal . In the July 2013 publication, the April 2013 question, “Can banning the use of undercover cameras in animal facilities be justified?” was answered. Several comments were made both by the author of the article, and a veterinary student commenter, about the livestock industry having an “inherent disregard for democracy and transparency”  and how “the agricultural industry is loathe to show the public what it is doing, and knows full well that transparency would spell the demise of the systems they depend on”.

I would like to counter that argument, in that there are many truthful and transparent depictions of the raising of food animals on the internet. Main-stream media however, is very slow to pick up on these videos because they do not cause controversy, and everyone knows that good news is seldom “sexy” news. That said, I would like to challenge the agriculture industry to do more to tell our story, and maybe with increased volume, we can show the public that we have been trying to tell our story all along. Below are my top 5 favourite agriculture videos, hope you enjoy!



1. Lakeland College and Farmers feed this entire PLANET, and its time the WORLD paid attention!



2. TED: Ideas worth spreading, and how to save the world with agriculture



3. Where beef comes from. Believe it or not, its all true.


4. Having the privilege to spend thousands of hours in processing plants, this is exactly what they look like.



5. And finally, just to keep things light, you have to love The Peterson Farm Brothers, we need more Agvocates like them!