Great Post from Tannas Ranches Jul08


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Great Post from Tannas Ranches

Our ranch is booming. For the first time in over a decade our ranch has over 250 cattle grazing its pastures. It is an exciting time for sure, as the industry has never been in a better state to allow for growth and new beginnings.

Now that summer is here, I have had time to reflect on the spring and all it brought us. Spring is a busy time on a cattle ranch, as many may know. It is this time more than ever that I am reminded of new life, as well as death that comes just as easy. This spring we have had perfect, beautiful calves born into the world under our care. I love to watch as a new, wet calf, dizzy in stimulus, takes its first looks around as mom licks vigorously and lovingly. You can hear moms rough tongue against the baby’s moist hide and the reassuring, gentle moos. The calf miraculously stands in minutes, though stumbling, and mom, with some patience and practice, helps the newborn to find her rich colostrum. Taking a minute to soak in these precious moments is always a heart-warmer.

Remembering these beautiful moments gets difficult during times of loss. I remember asking about our active little heifer calf one day “I wonder why she isn’t running around the pasture today? She is always running….” As they do, the thought got lost amongst the endless chores for the day. The next morning we had our answer, our poor little heifer calf was flat out in respiratory distress. We put on our emergency faces, loaded the calf into our ATV and rushed her to the barn for treatment. She was gasping for air. Diptheria. My shaking hands could not get the needle into her vein to deliver precious anti-inflammatories that would bring down the swelling in her airway. My father-in-law took over and we delivered the medicine. Not quick enough. She seized and groaned as I helplessly cried. We were too late.

Cattle are our livelihood and we are constantly reminded that we are responsible for their lives, their health and their wellbeing. china cameroon We celebrate our successes on the ranch, but we remember our mistakes. Memories of that perpetually running little heifer calf won’t soon leave our minds.


By Ceanna Tannas

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