Free Productivity Improvement Initiative

Top – Down: Lean Starts With You

February 7 – Calgary

Bob Adams, Western Division Director from High Performance Solutions (HPS) Inc. has over 30 years of experience as a change agent expert with senior management experience successfully implementing total business process improvements. Bob is a champion for the development of Lean Culture, Strategic Planning, Winning with Teams and Leveraged Learning Networks (Consortiums). Jody Marshall, Sustainability Coach for HPS Inc. will also be in attendance.

This interactive training session will teach:

  • How to successfully implement change
  • The power of vision as an alignment tool
  • The importance of an overall lean implementation plan
  • Why long-term planning is important?
  • How to retain the “right” people
  • The power of metrics in employee evaluations Get the best from people by listening, equipping, motivating and understanding
  • How to make lean a way of life

Interested in implementing Lean or is your current Lean program struggling?

Please join Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development, along with Growing Forward for a highly interactive workshop that will educate senior management on how to successfully implement and sustain continuous improvements.   Many organizations fail to realize that Lean needs to be implemented top–down rather than bottom–up. This workshop will help senior managers recognize that there’s a lot more to lean than the tools.

To register for this workshop, please complete the attached form Top-Down Lean Starts with You Information and Registration Pages and either email or fax to Avery Murphy by January 25, 2013.

Fax:  780-826-8030


For more information, please contact Avery Murphy at 780-826-8383 or Jim Cooper at 780-679-5176. 

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