Externship Opportunities

In order to ensure sustainable animal agriculture production for the future, Veterinary Agri-Health Services is committed to the training of future food-animal practitioners.  Under the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (UCVM), VAHS is an affiliate member of the Distributed Veterinary Teaching Hospital.  As a bovine specific practice our focus with the students is the education of veterinarians to meet the needs of the livestock industry and rural Alberta through enhanced skills in production animal health.  In particular, our students will be exposed to the entire breadth of the beef industry in Alberta, ranging from the cow-calf level right to the feedlot.  Specific technical skills are taught depending on the seasonality of the industry including pregnancy diagnosis, bull breeding soundness exams, post-mortem diagnosis, common bovine surgeries, obstetrics, cattle handling and basic diagnostics.

Although our teaching responsibilities with the UCVM are our primary responsibility, students from other universities are welcome at our practice and externships of varying lengths can be arranged by contacting the clinic.