BCF Technology Video Contest Oct07


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BCF Technology Video Contest

In February 2014, Cody and Dr. Vadim Pryadko, a veterinarian in Ukraine, began communicating online after Cody stumbled onto one of Vadim’s awesome Youtube videos. As both share many passions, they became friends immediately, despite Vadim not speaking a word of English! Vadim has become an integral part of the international social media community of bovine practitioners by sharing his story in a unique and powerful way. Always keen to learn as much as possible about how others approach different disease and management challenges, he has proven to be a very ardent veterinarian.

BCF Technology is holding its 3rd annual video contest. The winner, as determined by your votes, will receive a large animal ultrasound machine. Vadim and Cody put together this video, and if we win, Vadim will get the ultrasound, a piece of technology that will benefit his entire country. Please vote right now. Polls close on Oct. 19th/2014.

Watch the Video, then Vote HERE