Allflex RS420 Stick Reader

Looking to upgrade your RFID reader or make a first-time purchase? VAHS is currently recommending the Allflex RS420 Stick Reader.

General benefits to your operation

A portable hand-held RFID scanning device can be beneficial on farm, chute-side, and in pasture. With a wave of the wand the 15 digit RFID/CCIA number is recorded with a time and date stamp, making identifying animals easy and accurate. The records can then be downloaded and exported for use or with the Bluetooth capability, RFID numbers can be scanned directly into enabled programs.

Features of the Allflex RS420

Notable features of the Allflex RS420 include, but not limited to: large backlit screen for easy to read in sunlight or darkness, fast charge and long battery life, rugged build that passes water-resistance and drop tests, stores up to 100,000 records, and most importantly the wireless enabled Bluetooth. The Bluetooth interface allows easy connection to tablets, laptops, computers, and even Apple or Android phones! The Allflex RS420 is compatible with VAHS software, such as Medlogic and CalfBook, with easy set-up and connection capabilities. Please see the link below for further product details.

Purchasing your Allflex RS420

Order your new Allflex RS420 through VAHS by calling the office or emailing the Order Desk VAHS can also offer support with set-up, use, and any questions about the product.

IMPORTANT – Alberta’s Growing Forward 2 Traceability Technology Adoption program will reimburse eligible producers for 70% of approved costs for equipment and software that capture animal data for animal management and traceability purposes. This program applies to RFID software such as stick readers. Visit the link below for further information and application forms.