What to expect from us

Veterinary Agri-Health Services Ltd. is a health management oriented veterinary practice based in Alberta that provides high quality professional services to feedlot and cow/calf operations across western Canada.  These services focus on three areas: (1) animal health and production related management strategies and problem solving, (2) animal well being and product quality, and (3) producer education and information transfer.  Our services include vaccination,  treatment and parasite control programs, nutritional advice, computerized record systems and health monitoring, regular consultation and reproductive health visits, as well as individual animal diagnosis and treatment.  Our primary goal is to work collaboratively with our clients and other industry professionals to maximize the health and productivity of individual herds with a cost effective program consistent with the goals and objectives of each producer.


Feedlot Services

We have extensive experience in all aspects of feedlot health and production management.   We work closely with our clients to implement cost effective programs in these areas:

  1. Vaccination, parasite control and treatment protocols
  2. Growth promotant programs
  3. Computerized health management record systems
  4. Animal welfare and food safety
  5. Continuing education and training
  6. In-house research projects


Cow/Calf Services

Maintaining a productive and healthy herd is the cornerstone of creating a successful cow-calf operation.  Veterinary Agri-Health Services provides a comprehensive set of services to optimize health and production including:

  1. Vaccination, parasite control and treatment programs
  2. Nutrition, reproduction and calving management consultation
  3. Computerized record systems to assist with marketing of calves and capture of carcass and performance data
  4. Ultrasound pregnancy testing and bull breeding soundness evaluation
  5. Individual animal medicine and surgery


Research Activities

Veterinary Agri-Health Services has an active research component, having conducted new product registration studies for submission to Health Canada – Veterinary Drug Directorate, as well as marketing studies for currently licensed products.  In addition we have collaborated with a number of government and academic institutions on projects relevant to the cattle industry.  We have access to small pen (12 head) facilities in a modern commercial feedyard, GrowSafe® feed intake monitoring bunks for individual animal performance studies and large commercial feedlot pens for vaccine and antimicrobial studies.  As a member of the University of Calgary, Distributed Veterinary Learning Community, we work closely with Dr. Karin Orsel who provides oversight on data analysis, trial design and animal use compliance.


Veterinary Education

As an affiliate member of the University of Calgary, Distributed Veterinary Learning Community, we host both mandatory and elective student rotations in bovine herd health, reproduction and general veterinary practice.  As well, we have hosted general practice rotations for students from a number of veterinary schools across North America and participate in the 1st year veterinary student mentorship program at the UCVM.